Founded in 2014 in Kiev for lovers of individuality and good quality. The style of the brand is distinguished by daring experiments with color and techniques - all models are sewn by hand using fabric and fittings from Italian factories. Forming the concept of New Ukrainian Look, designer and founder of the brand Makar Tsipan puts emphasis on creating a new look for Ukrainian men. "Once upon a time there was a long trend in the world for everything eastern - Chinese hieroglyphs, Japanese cherry flowers ... I want to create a steady Ukrainian trend for European and American countries, but without the help of ball tricks. So, in my collection there is a lot of embroidery, but the ethnos is only in a few models, others used new technologies and color rendering. This is a mix of past and present, Ukrainian and world ", - says the founder of the brand


MAKI are a return to the roots, a subtle intertwining of past and future through the original Ukrainian ornament, but in modern colors and technologies. It is our risk to move away from "ballrooming" in the perception of Ukraine, both in the country and abroad. Any self-respecting country generates and develops a trend for its original ethnic product. In the promotional collection Line 2 we decided to take a risk and describe history and culture by combining authentic ornaments with a completely "our" fabric - flax. To make the fabric, cut and technology breathe in unison. Love the buyer in the New Ukrainian look.